• URS of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA) – Last Ottoman Caliph – Last Sultan of Islam


    URS of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA)

    URS of Sultan Abdulhamid II (RA) [born:September 22, 1842, Died 10th Feb 1918] – 3 Jumada (10th Febraury) was the passing away of the last Sultan of Islam, Last Ottoman Caliph with Divine and Worldly power.


    February 10, 1918 (97 Years Ago):

    Today in Ottoman History, marks the 97th Urs since the veiling of the Last ruling Khalifa of Islam Sultan Abdul Hamid II Han jannat makan. Sultan Abdul Hamid II ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years, renovated the Holy mosques, ensured Masjid Nabawi had electricity before His own palace, dissolved the parliament and re established Islamic rule, got rid of 90% of the Empire’s debt, defeated the Russians, boxers and greeks, outwitted the european leaders so much that the german chancellor Bismark remarked he had “90% of the intelligence in europe” and refused the zionists just to name a few achievements. He ruled until 1909 when He was deposed and until now muslims have not known peace nor stability.


    Considered to be one of the greatest Sultans to ever take control of the Ottoman Empire, he had so many accomplishments, that one can write dozens of books regarding his feats, especially considering that his reign oversaw a period of decline of the Ottoman Empire when he became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Known for being a humble Sultan, he cared deeply for his people’s emotional and financial well-being. He was able to pay off 90% of the debts (estimated 252M-300M Ottoman Liras) of the Empire during his thirty-three year reign (left debt of 30M Golden Ottoman Liras) using his intelligence and economic policies, and is remembered for his modest nature, going so far as to repair his own shoes after they had been damaged and reusing them.



    Sultan Abdul Hamid II faced many revolts from different territories of the Ottoman Empire especially in Rumelia, Arab rebels, Armenian and Anatolian rebels and not to mention his Grand Viziers who were attracted by the West and their Masonic practices and two failed attempted assassinations. Sultan endured all this and much more in his 33 years reign using his intelligence, divine connection and spiritual assistance, wisdom and patience.

    Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA) loved learning and was fluent in all the languages that were spoken around him in the palace like Albanian and Caucasian. He also learnt Arabic and Persian and wrote poetry in Turkish too. Though he inherited great wealth from his stepmother, he was not profligate in expenditure but invested his money, sometimes in livestock and even in trade when he was still a prince and free from responsibilities.

    Being a prince, he still repaired his old shoes and reused them. Though he knew that comments were being passed, he took no notice of it, because he knew he was doing the right thing. Princes in the palace used to stay out till late at night but he always stayed with his family back at home. He didn’t have extra marital relations: rumors about him in this regard were, therefore non-existent.

    He married several wives and left many children. He combined several qualities in himself. He was a skilled carpenter and personally crafted most of his own furniture, which can be seen today at the Yildiz Palace and Beylerbeyi Palace in Istanbul. He was also interested in opera and wrote the first-ever Turkish translations of many opera classics. He was fond of Sherlock Holmes. He was a good wrestler and a patron of wrestlers.

    He was successful in maintaining an average of fourteen hours work per day throughout the 33 years he reigned. He was intelligent, had a sharp memory as also ability to influence his audience. He had a respectful manner in dealing with people, and always stood up while receiving anyone.

    Sheikh Abu Alhuda al-Sa`idi (KS) was one of those who were close to the Sultan. He was one of the most famous religious scholars of his time and had commanded respect in Aleppo, his hometown, when still a youth of 25. He was appointed as an advisor to the Sultan and had spent 30 years of his life working in the service of the Caliphate. Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA) was given Divine Spiritual support being Sultan of Islam and kept his many prayers in consistent practice and prayed Tahajjud (middle of night prayer) consistently for over 25 years without missing a day!

    Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA) significant projects included The Grand Mosque at Makkah was given a face-lift. The Sultan ordered the construction of new wells and the repairing of dilapidated walls and domes. He also renovated the Holy House itself, ordered marble flooring for it and sent a pair of new silver keys from Istanbul. Many construction and renovation projects were carried out by Sultan Abdul Hamid II (RA) including the construction of eighteen water tanks in Makkah, the provision of tap water for the pilgrims, laying of roads to and from other pilgrimage-related sites around the Holy Mosque, purification and deepening of water tanks in Arafat, water supply and a 40-bed hospital with a pharmacy in Mina, post and telegram office and many others.

    During a drought that hit the Hijaz region, the Sultan ordered the payment of financial assistance, apart from the yearly gratuity he sanctioned for the inhabitants of the twin cities of the Holy Shrines.

    The Hijaz Railway grand project was started in 1901 and finished in 1908 covering a distance of 1320 km, connecting Damascus, Syria to Medina, Saudi Arabia.

    A master of the political world, he masterfully pit his enemies against one another with his political prowess, strength, and intellect. Some examples of this can be seen through the following quotes:

    – English Admiral Lord John Fisher described Sultan Abdülhamid Han II as being the “Most skillful and quick thinking diplomat in all of Europe”

    – German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck described Sultan Abdülhamid Han II as having the highest amount of intellect in Europe: “Of all the intelligence in Europe, 90% is in Abdulhamid, 5% in myself, and 5% in everyone else”

     My Lord ! I know you are the Dear One … And no one but You are the Dear One You are the One, and none else My God, take my hand in these hard times My God, be my helper in this critical hour. 

    We pray that Allah (God) grants increases his maqams, in the presence of the Holy Prophet (SWS), to Sultan Abdülhamid Han II.

    Bir hurmati Habib bir hurmati al-Fatiha

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