• Sheikh Muhammad Baba as-Samasi KS – URS 10th Jumada al-Thani

    Sheikh Muhammad Bab as-Samasi KS – URS 10th Jumada al-Thani


    Sheikh Muhammad Baba as-Samasi (KS) is a student al-Azizan renowned and is a Scholar of the mayor and a mayor of the Wise. He is unique in two kinds of knowledge, namely internal and external knowledge. Blessings permeate the entire community in his time. From the desire of learning is high, he causes unseen sciences and secrets become visible. He is the peak of the Sun External and Internal Knowledge in the 8th century. One of his miraculous signs was his Ascension from the Dome of the Rock, which was his heart, to the station of the Knower of the Knowers. From everywhere those versed in spiritual wisdom made the pilgrimage to his Garden of Knowledge and circumambulated the Kaaba of his Guidance.


    Sheikh Muhammad Baba as-Samasi KS was born in Sammas, a village on the outskirts Ramitan, three miles from Bukhara. He progressed in his journey to understand science in al-Quran, reciting the Qur an and Hadith of the Prophet, as well as being an expert in the field of jurisprudence. Then he began to study the Speculative Theology, Logic, Philosophy (‘ilm al-kalam) and History, until he called a walking encyclopedia for all fields of science and art. He followed Sheikh Ali ar-Ramitani al-‘Azizan (KS) and constantly at war against his ego. He did seclusion every day to reach the station of purity so as Sheikh allowed to transfer Heavenly Knowledge that is unseen to his heart. Sheikh Ali Ramitani (KS) chose him as his successor before he died and ordered all the students to follow him.


    Sheikh Ali Ramitani (KS) once said when passing through a village in Qasr al-Arifan, “I am smelling from this place the scent of a Spiritual Knower who is going to appear and after whose name this entire Order will be known. ” One day he passed through the village and said, ” I smell a very strong aroma, as if the knower had been born. “

    Three days later, the grandfather of a child visiting Shaykh Muhammad Baba as-Samasi (KS) and said, ” This is my grandson. ” He then said to his followers, “This baby is the knower that I was telling you about. I am seeing in his future that he is to be a guide of all humanity. His secrets are going to reach every sincere and pious person. The heavenly knowledge that Allah is going to shower on him will reach every house in Central Asia. Allah’s name is going to be engraved (Naqsh) on his heart. And the Order will take its name from this engraving. ”

    From Sayings of Sheikh Muhammad Baba as-Samasi (KS) 


    Mosque of Sheikh Muhammad as-Samasi KS

    “The seeker must always stand on his keeping Allah’s Divine Orders, and he must be constant in the state of purity. He must first have a pure heart that never looks towards anything but Allah Almighty and Exalted. Then he must keep pure that inner self, which is never revealed to anyone. That is perceiving the true vision. The purity of the chest (sadr), consists of hope and contentment with His Will. Then purity of the spirit, which consists of modesty and reverence. Then purity of the stomach, which depends on only eating permitted food, and abstinence. This is followed by purity of the body, which is to leave desire. This is followed by purity of the hands, which consists of piety and endeavor. Then comes purity from sins, which is regret and heartbreak for past wrongdoing. After this is purity of the tongue, which consists of dhikr (Zikr) and asking forgiveness. Then he must purify himself from neglect and slackness, by developing fear of the Hereafter. ”

    ” We must always asking for forgiveness, being careful in all matters, follow the steps people are pious, following their internal teachings, and keep the heart from all the whispers and temptations. “

    ” Be the person who guided by the teachings of Shaykh, because it can heal teachings directly and more effective than reading a book. “

    “You must keep in the association of a saint. In that association you must keep your heart from gossiping and you must not speak in their presence in a loud voice, nor should you be busy in their company with prayers and voluntary worship. Keep their company in everything. Don’t talk when they are speaking. Listen to what they say. Don’t look in their homes at what they have, especially in their rooms and their kitchens. Never look towards another sheikh but keep the belief that your sheikh will make you arrive. And don’t ever connect your heart to another sheikh, as you might be harmed by that. leave behind whatever you have been raised on in your childhood.”

    Masjid al-Aqsa
    “One time I went to see my sheikh, Sheikh Ali ar-Ramitani (KS). When I entered his presence, he said to me, ‘O my son, I am seeing in your heart the desire for an Ascension.’ As soon as he said that he placed me in the state of vision, where I saw myself walking day and night, from my country to reach the Mosque of the Dome, Masjid al-Aqsa. When I reached Masjid al-Aqsa, I entered the mosque and I saw a man there, clothed all in green. He said to me ‘Welcome, we have been waiting for you for a long time.’ I said, ‘O my sheikh, I left my country on such and such date. What is today’s date?’ He answered, ‘Today is the 27th of Rajab.’ I realized I had taken three months to reach the mosque, and to my surprise I had arrived on the same night as the night of the Prophet’s Ascension.

    Dome of the Rock, Masjid al-Aqsa

    He told me, ‘ Your sheikh, Sayyid ‘Ali ar-Ramitani (KS) has been waiting for you here for a long time.’ I went inside, and my shaikh was ready to lead the prayer. He lead the Night prayer. After completing the prayer, he looked at me and said, ‘O my son, I have been ordered by the Prophet salla to accompany you from the Mosque of the Dome to the Sidratul Muntaha, the same place to which the Prophet salla ascended.’ When he finished speaking the green man (Khidr AS) brought two creatures the like of which I had never seen before. We mounted these creatures and we were lifted up. Wherever we were lifted up, we were acquiring knowledge of those stations of what was between Earth and Heavens.

    ” It is impossible to describe what we saw and learned in that ascension, because words cannot express what relates to the heart, and it is not conveyable except by taste and experience. We continued until we reached the State of the Reality of the Prophet (SWS) (al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya), which is in the Divine Presence. As soon as we entered this state, my sheikh vanished and I vanished. We were seeing that there is nothing in existence in this universe except the Prophet salla. And we were perceiving that there is nothing beyond that except Allah Almighty and Exalted. “

    Then I heard the Prophet’s salla voice saying to me, ‘Ya Muhammad Baba as-Samasi, O my son, that path you are on is one of the most Distinguished ones, and those who have been chosen to be stars and beacons for human beings will be accepted in that path. Return, and I am supporting you with all my power, as Allah is supporting me with His Power. And keep in the service of your shaikh.” As the voice of the Prophet salla came to an end, I found myself standing in the presence of my shaikh. That is a great blessing, to be in the company of such powerful sheikhs, who can take you to the Divine Presence.


    Bir hurmati Habib bir hurmati Anzalta Surat al-Fatiha.

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