• Miracle of Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani ar-Rabbani KS

    Miracle of Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani ar-Rabbani (KS)

    Tales of a Sufi Master:

    Alhamdulillah we associated with Maulana Sultan as we call Shaykh Nazim Effendi (KS) for over 25 years. He visited us over 13 times in Sri Lanka.
    He was awesome, brilliant fantastic, amazing, witty, humble gentle kind and lovely to all he met. He met Buddhist Monks, Swamis, priests, theologians politicians the rich poor pious and anybody he came across. We saw monkeys climb down trees and run up to him kiss his hand and run back up the tree, we witnessed fish in the Indian Ocean scramble up to him on the shore with eyes lit up and they were communicating and talking and he later told us the fishes were complaining saying Man was polluting the Ocean and doing bad Like dynamiting fish, he was visiting Ziarams of Saints and seen talking to them and giving us a sohbet, ‘talk’ from the Saint or Wali by him.



    This footprint, measuring 5’7” by 2’6” is believed to be the footprint of the Prophet Adam (upon him be peace) who was said to be 60 cubits tall. It is located on the top of a mountain in Sri Lanka called Adam’s Peak (also known as Sri Pada – the Holy Footprint).

    He mentioned many times he loved Sri Lanka the most he meant the Murids and country which is well known based on Hadiths, the land Allah almighty chose to send Adam (AS) as our first father & Prophet when he was deported from Heavens our Original home. Some of us saw Sheikh Nazim Effendi (KS) and loved & respected him for his reality.


    He was expected based on a letter the last Naqshabandi Sheikh Khorosan Maulana wrote “After me will come 100 years later another Naqshabandi Shaykh.” When Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Sultan (KS) arrived in Sri Lanka this letter was shown and it was exactly 100 years later. We had to mount a chair on the back of the half open body in a pick up with a large sun shade umbrella and drive him through Naqshbandi villages to give Bay’ah via eye contact to all who were seeing him. His humour was evident, once some body a wahabi in a mosque told him your trouser is too long, he replied, “talk to my tailor about it”.



    When he taken out of paradise and placed on earth, Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) cried a lot. Coincidentally, Sri Lanka resembles the shape of a tear drop.

    I was travelling with him in Pakistan with Raja Ashman (RA) when a lady who invited us asked him, ‘How come so few of us are with you and you are so great’. He replied, ‘ when you go to a super market you will see hundreds shopping, when you go to a Diamond Shop you will find on two people shopping, we are selling Diamonds’. That’s it, I can go on and on telling so many tales about him. He was sensational. So lucky we met him & loved him.

    – Sri Lankan Murid Izath Khalifa

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MiraclesOfMawlana/

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