• Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani ar-Rabbani QS – 1996 Sohbah about people against praising of Rasul (SWS)

    Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani QS 1996 08 19 Monday (YouTube link below from 1:10:30)


    Excerpt from Sohbah::

    (with ref to Alaskan gold discovery last century) Whole people running to look after gold. They are running to find that gold and I am saying SubhanAllah. So many hundred thousand people running through no ways,  through jungles, through deserts, through oceans, through valleys, through mountains to look, to find that gold. I am saying SubhanAllah, people running to ask Golden, and so many people died after that golden.

    And people not asking golden ones through mankind, to find. And it is order – “Wa kulu ma Sadiqeen.” You must ask. “You must find, because Allah Almighty should ask you. You find anyone from my friends? Why? You accompanying with my friends? Any friends, you look after him?” What are you going to say?” No! We are going with whole people. Now among people are Jewels, Sadiqeen.

    I am asking, do you think that, scholars, old scholars, do you think that Sadiqeen only in time Prophet, and time of Sahaba, after Sahaba, salafi salihin,  finish? after finish, no more Sadiqeen?  that book closed down, no more Sadiqeen in our time,how is it going to meaning of holy Quran in such a way.

    And whole sufferings and problems through muslims, they are not asking true ones, they running after Dajjals. After wrong people, after no honesty, no mercy, no justice, no no good peoples, running after them, and leaving pearls, diamonds and jewels. They are not asking. They are not voting with them. That is punishment for whole nations, Arabs, Turks, Pakistan, Hindustan, Afghanistan, all of them that is. And also commanding for whole nations, europeans, russians, everywhere. They are not asking for jewels from people but they are running after imitated ones. Imitated ones.

    That is command of Allah Almighty to look after Awliya Allah. And in our days they are swearing at Awliyas, Astaghfirullah. They are fighting against Awliya Allah. Because mentioning in Holy Quran,

    (REF -Allah also says: O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies (i.e. disbelievers and polytheists) as friends, showing affection towards them until Allah’s saying: Verily, You, only You, are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.” (Surah Al-Mumtahanah, 60: 1-5). )

    Evliya Shaitan, is it not so? – there is, Allah Almighty saying my Evliya and also Evliya of Shaitan, you just fight against them. Are you fighting against them? NO! you are supporting them! Supporting muslims, Evliya Saitan, and that is our punishment, that is Quran and that is Hadith.

    Haa, what are you saying, you are closing? Association about Durood Sharif, Salatul Salam?

    Now, I heard from my Grandsheikh, that he was saying, for every worshipping to be accepted so may conditions, in Divinely Presence

    BUT only for Salatul Salam, Durood, for Rasul, facing Rasullah (SWS), without Condition accepted! Without Condition!

    Yes, therefore it is more important. And Evliya (Awliya) of shaitan, say don’t say Salatul Salam, that is Shirk! Don’t pray Rasul, that is Shikr! Don’t say Ya Muhammad – that is Shirk! from where bringing that? from which book? Book of shaitan! It is written through book of shaitan, not in Holy Quran. They have book of shaitan, that preventing them on praising RasulAllah (SWS), to give their most respect to RasulAllah (SWS) and they are very angry with Allah also,

    They saying ” Why are you praising, what is that?”

    “It is not enough you, and also you are ordering whole angels also? What is that? And we are fighting here, not to be praising Rasul. We making Rasul an ordinary person but you are making Him like yourself. what is that?”

    They are like shaitan, who was objecting to Allah Almighty “why you ordering angels to make Sajda Adam? That is wrong!”

    Those people coming same (Maulana making two index fingers side by side in action). they saying “Why are you praising to Muhammad? What is that? Nonsense!” Astaghfirullah!

    That is true shaitan only was objecting, saying “why are you ordering angels to make Sajda Adam and I am here! I am here! If you ordering to them to make Sajda, then make them Sajda to me, not to Adam, and every angel kicking them down, kicking them down. Those people are very angry.

    And those people not reciting, always coming in Khutbah, it is our custom to recite “InnAllah wa malaikatu ya Salu ala Nabi, Ya Hayyu alazeen amanu Sallu alay wa Saleemu Tasleema. Allahumma sali wa sallim barak ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa alihi wa as Sahabi was-Salim.”

    This Khutbah coming Imam, they finish it, quickly coming sitting here, whole masjid (making angry faces-looking left and right), never smiling, leave laughing, never smiling, PLASTIC MUSLIMS!

    Alhamdulillah, Alhmadulillah, wa Shrukulillah, wa Astaghfiruallah, wa Astaghfiruallah, wa Astaghfiruallah.

    Wa amin taufiq bir hurmati Habib bir hurmati al-Fatiha for Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani ar-Rabbani QS!

    Source: You Tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cRXNWFrphY

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