• Grandsheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani KS – The Miraj

    Grandsheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani KS – The Miraj


    The Red Sulfur among the saints, the Crystal Lamp of this Universe and its Foundation, he was supported by Steadfast Faith. A Knower of the Hidden Meanings of the Holy Qur’an, he was the Key to Its Secret, enlightened with the Pure Essence of the Truth. He had enormous experience in the Way of his predecessors. Sufism was his blood, the Prophet Muhammad salla was his heart, and the Divine Presence was his soul. He was the Luminary of Knowledge for human beings in his time, Owner of the Perfect Characteristics and Controller of his Active Self. He was the Ocean of Wisdom for all human beings to sail upon and reach their appointed shore unscathed.

    The earth shone with a brilliant new light when he was born. People ran to his door to find through him the happiness of this life and the Hereafter. He was an Ocean of Instruction whose waves crashed roaring on His Divine Shore. He left the erudite perplexed with his superior knowledge and he was the greatest of all ascetics one had seen or read about. He gave selflessly from his Spirit to quench the thirst of the spiritual and the physical worlds. He was a galaxy by himself, garlanded with suns and stars of varied size and color, bringing a different light to each individual. He wore the Crown of God’s Divine Love, and from him people sipped the longed-for honey of Divine Secrets. He never left a person without reaching and raising him with his spiritual breath. The darkness of ignorance disappeared in the illumination of his knowledge.

    He was nursed from the breast of the Station of the Ghawth, whose throne he ascended later in life. He was a Reviver of Religion in his time. His reputation for wise counsel and guidance spread over the earth. Kings stood at his door. Scholars sought his disclosures. In his time no one was left who did not receive nourishment from his spirituality. By means of his Light, darkness disappeared and the Secrets of Blessings shone from the people. He was the Perfect Saint and the Pillar of the Knowers.

    He was born in Daghestan in the year 1309 H./1891 AD. to a family of doctors. His father was a general practitioner and his brother was surgeon general in the Russian Army. He was raised and trained by his uncle, Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani (KS), the master of the Naqshbandi Order at that time, who took special care of him from his early life.

    Grandsheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani (KS) said about himself and the Miraj:

    I am a descendant of Sayyidina Miqdad ibn al-Aswad (RA), whom the Prophet salla  used to appoint as his deputy whenever he left Madinah on an expedition. I inherited, like my uncle, the five marks of the Blessed Hand of the Prophet salla which he had placed on the back of my blessed grandfather, Miqdad ibn al-Aswad (RA). From that birthmark shines a special light.

    That night I prayed `Isha’, then I renewed my ablution and I prayed two rakats. Then I sat in meditation, connecting myself through my Shaykh,(Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Dagestani KS) my uncle, to the Prophet salla .

    I saw the Prophet salla  coming to me with 124,000 Sahaba (Companions) saying to me, ‘O my son, I am releasing all my powers and those of my 124,000 Companions from my heart. Tell your uncle and the caretakers of the village to migrate immediately to Turkey.

    Then I saw the Prophet salla  hugging me and I saw myself disappearing in him. As soon as I disappeared in him I saw myself ascending from the Dome of the Rock, the Bait ul-Maqdis, from which the Prophet salla ascended in the Night Journey. I saw myself astride the same Buraq which carried the Prophet salla and I saw myself carried up in a true vision, to the Station of Two Bow-lengths, where I could see the Prophet salla  but not myself.

    I felt myself to be a part of the entirety of the Prophet salla . Through that Ascension I received the Realities that the Prophet salla  poured into my heart from what he had received on the Night of Ascension. All these different kinds of knowledges came to my heart in words of light, which began as green and changed to purple, and the understandings were poured into my heart in a quantity which is immeasurable.

    I heard a voice coming from the Divine Presence saying, “Approach, O my servant, to My Presence.” As I approached through the Prophet salla , everything disappeared, even the spiritual reality of the Prophet salla  disappeared. Nothing existed except Allah, Almighty and Exalted.

    Then I heard a voice from all His Lights and Attributes that were shining in His Presence, ‘O my servant, now come to the State of Existence within this Light.’ I felt myself come into existence through the Prophet salla , after having been annihhilated, appearing and existing in the Divine Presence, decorated with the Ninety-Nine Attributes. Then I saw myself inside the Prophet salla , appearing inside every creation that was existing by Allah’s Power. That took us to a state in which we were able to realize that there are universes other than this universe, that there are endless Creations of Allah, High and Sublime. Then I felt my uncle shaking my shoulder, saying, ‘O my son, it is time for Fajr prayer.

    I prayed Fajr behind him and more than 300 people from the village prayed in congregation with us. After Fajr my uncle stood and said, ‘We asked my nephew to make istikhara (spiritual consultation).’ Everyone was eagerly waiting to hear what I had seen. My uncle immediately said, ‘He was brought to the presence of the Prophet salla  by my power. The Prophet salla  gave everyone permission to move to Turkey. Then he took him through states up to the state of ‘the Distance of two Bowlengths.’ Then he took him to a station such that he opened to him a vision of knowledge that has never been opened to any saint before, including myself. His Ascension was a means of instruction for past and present saints, and a Key to open a Gigantic Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom.

    I said to myself, ‘My uncle was with me in that vision, and it was with his power that I received that vision.’

    He spent five years in that particular seclusion, which ended at the age of 22. When he emerged he was eligible for military conscription. This time he went into the army.

    Grandsheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani (KS) Ascension through Death:

    I saw my mother for only one or two weeks. Then they took me to the battle known as Safar Barlik in the Dardanelles. One day there was an attack from the enemy and about 100 of us were left behind to defend a frontier. I was an excellent marksman, able to hit a thread from a great distance. We were unable to defend our position and were under fierce attack. I felt a bullet strike my heart and I fell to the ground mortally wounded.

    As I lay dying, I saw the Prophet salla   coming to me. He said, ‘O my son, you were destined to die here, but we still need you on this earth in both your spiritual and physical form. I am coming to you to show you how a person dies and how the Angel of Death takes the soul.’ He presented me with a vision in which I saw my soul leaving my body, cell by cell, beginning from the toes. As the life was withdrawing, I could see how many cells are in my body, and the function of every cell, and the cure for every sickness of each cell. I heard the dhikr of every cell.

    As my soul was passing away I experienced what a person feels when he dies. I was brought to see the different states of death: painful states of death, easy states of death and the most blissful states of death. The Prophet salla  told me, ‘You are from those who pass in a blissful state of death.’ I was enjoying that passing so much because I was going back to my Origin, which made me comprehend the secret of the Qur’anic ayat, “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return” [2:156].

    That vision continued until I experienced my soul departing on the last breath. I saw the Angel of Death come and heard the questions he would ask. All the kinds of visions that appear to the dying I experienced, yet I was alive during that experience and this enabled me to understand the secret of that state.

    Then I saw in that vision my soul looking down on my body, and the Prophet salla  was telling me, ‘Come with me!’ I accompanied the Prophet salla , and he took me to a vision of the Seven Heavens. I saw everything he wished me to see in the Seven Heavens, and then he raised me to the State of Maqam as-Sidq (the Station of Truthfulness), where I met all the Prophets, all the saints (Siddiqeen), all the martyrs, and all the righteous (Saliheen).

    “Then he said, ‘O my son, now I am going to take you to see the tortures of Hell.’ There I saw everything that the Prophet salla   had mentioned in the Hadith about the tortures and punishments of that place. I said, ‘O Prophet salla , you who were sent as a Mercy for Human Beings, is there not any way for these people to be saved?’ He replied to me, ‘Yes, my son, with my intercession they can be saved. I am showing you the fate of those people if I did not have the power to intercede for them.’

    “Then the Prophet salla  said, ‘O my son, now I will return you to earth and to your body.’ As soon as the Prophet salla  said that, I looked down and saw my body, looking somewhat swollen. I looked at that and said, ‘O Prophet salla of God, it is better to be here with you. I don’t want to go back. I am happy with you in the Divine Presence. Look at that dunya, I have already been there and now I have left. Why must I go back? Look, my body is swollen.’

    “He said, ‘O my son, you must go back. That is your duty.’ By the order of the Prophet salla  I went back to my body, even though I did not want to. As I entered my body I saw the bullet in my heart had been encased in flesh and the bleeding had stopped. As I smoothly entered into my body the vision ended. When it ended I saw the medics on the field of battle looking for the survivors among the dead. Then one of them said, ‘That one is alive, that one is alive.’ I had no power to speak or to move, and I realized that it had been seven days that my body had been lying there.”

    “They took me and treated me, until I recovered and my health was restored. Then they sent me back to my uncle. As soon as I reached him he told me, ‘O my son, did you enjoy your visit?’ I didn’t say ‘yes’ and I didn’t say ‘no’, as I wanted to know if he meant the visit to the army or the visit in the company of the Prophet salla . Then he asked me again, ‘O my son did you enjoy your visit with the Prophet salla ?’ Then I realized that he knew everything. So I ran to him and kissed his hand and I told him, ‘O my Shaykh I went with the Prophet salla  and I must admit that I didn’t want to come back. But he told me that is my duty.”

    Source: naqshbandi.org

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