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Sheikh Mohammed Adil UK Tour 2017 – Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah

2nd February 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sheikh Mohammed Adil at Sheikh Nazims Dergah

Sheikh Mohammed Adil UK Tour 2017 – Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah (Adjusted)- 2nd February 2017

Address:  Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah, 255 St.Ann’s Rd, Londo N15 5RG

Time: Thursday 2nd February 2017, from 8.00pm

Sheikh Mehmet Adil UK Tour 2017 -Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah: Maulana Sheikh Mohammed (Mehmet) Adil ar-Rabbani started their UK tour from here.

Next Thursday Tour will officially start:

9th Feb 2017 at Bury, 8pm Noor ul-Islam Mosque, Dhikr

10th Feb 2017 at Nelson, Jumua 1pm,

11th Feb 2017  at Nelson, 7.30pm Mawlid,

11th Feb 2017 at Manchester, Dhikr & Sohbet(Talks),

12th Feb 2017 at Bradford,Dhikr & Sohbet(Talks),

13th Feb 2017 at Sheffield,Dhikr & Sohbet(Talks),

14th Feb 2017 at Birmingham,Dhikr & Sohbet(Talks).

Everyone is welcome to attend, men, ladies and children!

Sheikh Mehmet Adil’s UK Tour 2017 -Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah, (Has Been Adjusted), will be as follows (times are approximate):

Please arrive early as it will be very crowded for Dhikr (zikr) as Sheikh Mohammed (Mehmet) likes to start promptly.

Google Map is below for location and directions.



Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah
277 St.Ann's Rd
London, N15 5RG United Kingdom
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