About Us

The Maida Vale Naqshbandi Zikr group has been holding Thursday evening (8.45pm-10.30pm) Zikr gatherings since 2000, or maybe little earlier with the permission from Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani (KS) head of the Golden Chain Naqshbandi Tariqat. The original Zikr group was held in the homes of mureeds but as this increased and more people attended, the Zikr group moved to a larger flat.

As time progressed and with continued permission from our late murshid, Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani (KS), (may Allah (God) Almighty sanctify his secret and raise his maqam always in Divine Presence), a new venue on Thursday evenings (8.45pm-10.30pm) was found at St.Peter’s church hall in Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale W9 2DB. This location was central enough so people from West and Central London could attend irrespective of faith or background. We have held Zikr very Thursday evening at St.Peter’s church hall now for over 9 years. Time has passed so quickly it is amazing to reflect.

We gather for the sake of Allah (God) Almighty only, every thursday evening (8.45pm-10.30pm), with the blessings of all the Grandsheikhs of the Naqshbandi Tariqat (KS). This Zikr practice continues throughout the year unless there is visit from Sheikh Nazim’s, son and inheritor, Sheikh Muhammad Mehmet Adil, visits and at these times the Zikr is suspended and visitors and mureeds attend at either Sheikh Nazim’s Dergah at 277 St.Anne’s Rd N15 5RG or New Peckham Mosque at 99 Coburg Road SE5 0HU. And yes, we have held Zikr even on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and New Years Eve!

Our Zikr group welcomes all ages and we ask for respectable dressing for the prayers and Zikr. We look forward to seeing you one Thursday evening!